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Subject: 1995 midwest raves survey results
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 1996 04:51:47 -0600 (CST)

survey results:
1. overall, there wasnt any particular event which you liked clearly more than the others. however Interstellar Outback 2 wins it in a close race. tied for second were Fantastic Voyage, Technosaurus 2 (lville), and Twister (chi).
1a. once again, many different parties were cited for having great vibes.Cthe party with the best vibe was again IO2 with close seconds for Family Affair and Technosaurus 2.
1b. and again (*sigh*) many parties were assessed as having great music/djs. in a tie for the party with the best music/djs were IO2 and Twister.
1c. many events were also perceived as flashy. the flashiest was Submerge (chi) with Ladybug 2 and Decadence pulling close seconds.
1d. you seemed to take the expression ‘down-to-earth’ very literally… IO2 and Even Furthur tied in this category.
1e. IO2 was voted best outdoor/campout party by a large margin. second place went to Even Furthur and third to Family Affair.

2. Dj Dan got the most votes for favorite overall dj…
2a. Terry Mullan edged out Efex for favorite midwest dj, with Astroboy taking third place.
2b. Paul Johnson edged out Efex for favorite chicago dj, with Terry Mullan in third and Hyperactive in fourth.
2c. Claude Young got the most votes for favorite detroit dj, followed closely by Eric Haupt and then by T-1000.
2d. Scott Henry, Frankie Bones, and Dj Dan tied for favorite non-midwest dj.

3. Plastikman received the most votes for favorite midwest live act. Mike Dearborn received second-most.
3a. Rabbit in the Moon were the favorite live act overall, followed by Plastikman and Dubtribe tied for second.

4. Eric Haupt was voted the up-and-coming dj of the year, ahead of a slew of bedroom djs :)

5. Maxximum/Eyegasm got all kinds of votes for best lighting.

6. Maxximum got the most votes for best sound, but second place clearly went to the sound at Jak-o-Lantern. who was that?

7. best flyer. 1) Ladybug 2 2) Congo 3) tie between Faded and Flow

8. not a very hot topic… but two tables tied for first: Imsmartru and Get Smart. Cottonmouth came in next.

9. the Delirium table was voted by landslide to be the best vending table. Untranslatable came in second.

10. there was no favorite track of the year that you could agree upon…

11. as for overplayed tracks, Josh Wink took first with ‘i am ready,’ the Bucketheads took second with ‘the bomb’ and Josh Wink (hmm) took third with ‘don’t laugh.’

12. the best production company… Evolution took the most votes, followed by the Illuminators, then a tie between ele mental and atp.

13. Massive was voted the best midwest zine followed by PLRM and RES.

14. the worst bust of 1995 was Ladybug 2. the second most votes were garnered by Higher Ground and Love Generator, with the 1515 busts in detroit following.

15. the worst party overall category recieved widely scattered votes, with Ladybug 2 receiving the most.

16. the best place to go after a party was determined to be home to bed.

17. baggy pants beat out non-baggy pants. surprise.

18. We miss all three of these djs who moved out of the midwest… Sho got the most votes followed by Miles Maeda and then David Hollands.

19. Gramaphone (chi) received the most votes as the best place to shop for records or mixtapes. here are other votes i received:
Clubhead - cincinnati
Let It Be - minneapolis
Submerge - detroit
Deep Records - cleveland
7th Dimension - madison
Hip House - chicago
Better Days - louisville
Revolutions - milwaukee
Deep Grooves - st louis

20. Even Furthur and Elemental (chi) got the most votes for having the best net-meet… IO2 came in next.

21. there was a little confusion here as far as what i meant by ‘dirtiest event.’ i meant filth and grime. Even Furthur was voted with biggest mess of a party, followed by IO2. As far as snobby/snotty parties go, Splurge received several votes.

22. more people thought that plur was put into practice more this year than last. however some thought it hadnt really changed much and someone asked what purl was :)

23. i will post separately on the problems in our scene. the problems cited the most were commercialization and drug problems of various sorts.

thanks to all of you who sent me your surveys… :)
-dave <:>

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