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Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 03:27:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: “Xian Zombie (Christian Zombie Vampyres!)”
Subject: What’s this shit?

What the hell is this? Whiny fucking DJ’s bitching about everything? Let’s knock frat boys, and white middle class, and 13 year olds and everybody else that doesn’t have funky dreads and hang out in your personal clique. Sounds like the goths whining about people starting to like goth. And the NINies whining that Trent was COOL before everybody ELSE listened. And the industrial people on RMI moaning that KMFDM is on 90210, and NOW all the preppy MIDDLE CLASS people are listening to KMFDM. And how, now that Thrill Kill Kult (plug) was on the Crow soundtrack, everybody is buying all the TKK cd’s, cause they’re “posers”.

Oh no! “Our scene isn’t going to be “underground” any more.” Uncool NORMAL people are entering our once private domain. MTV is trying to homogonize our “scene” and take it mainstream.

Are there any GROWNUPS on this list (or attached lists?) Fucking grow up. I subbed to listen to the DJ’s talk about what music is cool, so I can become familiar with it when I hear it. I subbed so I can learn more about this music. I SUBBED, so I can know where the next PARTY is going to be at, and so I will know if there is a place I can dance all night to the kind of music I like.

This is starting to sound like Usenet.

Via PB-CLE-Raves archive

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